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Coexistence as Identity: The Neutrality of Lebanon
The book is organized by professors Miguel Mahfoud and André Miatello, containing 16 articles by specialists from Lebanon, Brazil, the United States, Egypt, Italy, and Argentina. Its objective is to contribute to the current international debate on Lebanon’s identity as a multicultural and multi-religious coexistence and its resulting state of neutrality, recognized by the local and international community as determining factors in addressing the current economic and political crisis, favoring the leading role of the Land of Cedars in the constant and tense construction of regional and global peace.
The authors come from various religious groups that constitute Lebanon’s complex society (Christians, Muslims, Druze, etc.) and from different fields of knowledge: History, Law, Philosophy, International Relations, Sociology, Diplomacy, and Education. The articles in the book address key points of Lebanese socio-political identity and role in international relations, including the importance of the recognition of neutrality by the international community as a factor of internal development and international peace.
Authors and their nationalities:
•    Argentina: Sergio Daniel Jalil
•    Brazil: Rubens Ricupero (interviewed by Miguel Mahfoud), Danny Zahreddine, Youssef Alvarenga Cherem, Igor Pinho dos Santos, Guilherme Di Lorenzo Pires, André Miatello
•    Egypt: Mateus Domingues da Silva
•    Egypt/Italy: Wael Farouq
•    United States: Hussein Kalout
•    Lebanon: Bechara Raï, Elie Elias, Marie Fayad, Lina Abou Naoum, Louis Wehbé
•    Italy: Michele Zanzucchi
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Coexistence as Identity: The Neutrality of Lebanon

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  • 9786550792985

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